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I have many natural abilities, which allow me to assist you with discovering your solutions. I could see spirits, sense auras and "know" things since I was a child. However, I also had a very strict, Catholic upbringing and my family was very superstitious, so my ability was not cultivated. Rather, I tended to shut it down to "keep the peace."


In the year 2000, I went to a healing clinic at a school that taught in the style of the Berkeley Psychic Institute (BPI.) The director of the school had studied with the creator of BPI for 20 + years. I had gone to the clinic to receive a healing. However, the director asked me to give healing to the friend that had brought me to the clinic. I thought she had me confused with a teacher on staff. She gave me some simple direction and said that I was capable of providing the healing. I followed her instructions, but it was an unsettling experience for me. The director asked me to come back, but I didn't return until 2003! (I am now grateful for this experience, as it was a validation of my abilities. I share this experience because it is a reminder that you're ready when you're ready...and not a moment before!)


When I returned in 2003, I enrolled in classes that taught me tools to develop my natural talents, and in the process, I discovered abilities I didn't know I had. I accepted a teaching position immediately upon graduating from the 12 months *Clairvoyant Program. I have been teaching these tools while incorporating my own life experiences since 2004. I've integrated these tools in my everyday life and shared them with friends, family, and clients.

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